Building Prosperity

To compete in a dynamic world economy and advance our economic & social well-being, the GTHA requires regional cohesion & coordinated action.

How can we improve the GTHA’s regional competitiveness, create better pathways for prosperity, and improve access to the economy for all?

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From 2016 to 2021, immigrants contributed to four-fifths of Canada’s overall labour force growth. 

(Statistics Canada)

Access the roadmap to prosperity in the GTHA

Leveling The Playing Field: Accelerating Economic Mobility for Those Being Left Behind

How can we work across sectors to shrink the region’s growing economic inequity?

Passport To Prosperity: Accelerating Employment Pathways For Newcomers

How can employers work alongside public and non-profit sectors to remove the systemic barriers newcomers face in accessing labour markets?

Future-Proofing The Talent Pipeline: Addressing The GTHA’s Labour Market Gaps

How can we better develop, attract, and retain the talent needed to address immediate and anticipated labour gaps in the region?


While 98% of Toronto households have home internet access, 38% report download speeds below the CRTC’s national target of 50 megabits per second. (Mapping Toronto’s Digital Divide – Brookfield Institute) 


Just 25% of internationally educated immigrants are employed in the professions for which they are educated and trained. (Statistics Canada)