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Changemakers Needed.

The Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) is an economically vibrant innovation hub and multicultural region that contributes 20% of Canada’s GDP and is one of the fastest growing regions in North America.

However, we also face significant headwinds impacting our region’s livability. Too many families are living paycheque to paycheque. Too many residents have been priced out of housing markets. Too many say their trust in our institutions and leaders is broken.

Addressing these challenges is no small task, and the size, scale & complexity will only increase without coordinated focus and action.

We need CHANGEMAKERS at the table.  


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About Summit 

Every four years, CivicAction convenes hundreds of diverse leaders from across sectors & industries to co-create solutions to the biggest challenges facing the GTHA. 

This year’s Summit focuses on three urgent crises, identified through an extensive consultation process that reached nearly 200 leaders, experts, & voices of lived experience:

🡥  The Prosperity Gap

🡥  The Affordability Gap, and

🡥  The Trust Gap

To learn more about the impact of these crises in the GTHA and some key opportunities for action, visit the individualized tabs and download the “Idea Starters”.

Urgent challenges facing the GTHA today

8 Million

The population of the Toronto region is expected to grow to over 8M by 2031 – a 25% increase from today. Immigration is expected to account for nearly 90% of this growth. (Ontario Projections, 2022)

8 Million

The number of Ontario respondents concerned about their household’s ability to afford housing or rent. (Statistics Canada, February 2023) 

8 Million

Compared to income growth in the GTA, housing prices have grown 4 times faster and rental costs for all property types are increasing by 21% yearly. (BCG Leadership Dialogue FactPack, 2023) 

8 Million

The percentage of the GTHA zoned for single family homes, limiting land capacity. This situation is further impacted by a record backlog of development requests, with some approvals taking up to 10 years. (BCG Leadership Dialogue FactPack, 2023) 

8 Million
The percentage of Canadians who say they trust “most news, most of the time” – a new low point and a 13% drop since 2016. (The Conversation – June 2022) 
8 Million

The number of the 94 Calls to Action completed since the release of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s final report, as of 2022. (Yellowhead Institute, 2022)